The inspiration for Digital Platter came from my personal enthusiasm to know the nitty-gritties of this vastly fascinating world of Digital. The profound impact it has in our present world as well as the potential value it holds for the future, is something that keeps me gasping.

Digital platter has been my earnest endeavor to journal my rendezvous with digital technologies and business processes enabled by them – which I came across during my post MBA experience, primarily as an extended sales executive in IT Services and Products space.

I have tried to catalog the various topics of my posts into three broad categories – Digital Transformation, Customer Experience and New Media Marketing. Many times while starting a new post – I felt this demarcation not to be very crisp, with a lot many overlaps which caused me to employ my best judgement, to put it to a particular category. Below is a brief description of the content you can expect in these three categories of this blog –

Digital Transformation

The world of business is continuously changing owing to the wide variety of digital technologies like mobility, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, social networks etc. – that are disrupting industries and bringing radical changes to the ways of doing things. The posts in this category primarily talk about these radical changes that are happening all around us.

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Customer Experience

Digital technologies have enabled business models that put the customers at the center. All the existing businesses have been transformed into experience businesses. Not providing a customer with the best experience at each touch-point, can cause irreparable harms to the brand and the business. The posts in this category primarily talk about these features and use cases that are putting customer’s life at ease and leaving them awestruck.

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New Media Marketing

Digital technologies have opened up multiple ways people can connect to the brands – through multiple touch points on multiple devices. This has lead to an ultra reduced attention span of the target audience. It is increasingly challenging for the modern day Marketers to leverage traditional media (print, radio, TV) for driving their message to their targeted customers with the same effectiveness. The posts in this category primarily talk about how the emerging technologies and channels are leveraged to give birth to “Digital Media / New Media Marketing” that connects with the always on modern day customers and influences them to take desired actions.

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Next Steps

The bewildering scope of Digital can range infinitely in length and breadth across domains, technologies, use cases, concepts, architectures and what not. Digital Platter shall try to serve a subset of them in the most lucid and understandable manner, based upon my limited experiences across it.

So, what are you waiting for? Your platter is ready, pick and choose whatever you like!!

Reach out to me for any comments, queries or specific requests.